clean up 1
We clean up mile 10 of North Tongass Highway 3 times a year!


SUNDAY, 10 a.m. Adult Bible Study


AL-ANON, Wednesday at 6 p.m.

FRESH FOOD PANTRY, Friday at noon. Just come! First come, first served. Perishable food to take home.


  1. Scott D. Vroegindewey

    I am currently a ruling elder and member of Central Presbyterian Church in Kansas City. I am in the running for a position with an agency called SAIL that is based in Juneau with another office in Ketchikan. Should I get the position and move to Ketchikan, please tell me more about your church and how I may get involved. SAIL serves people with disabilities, and I am disabled myself. I am unable to drive because of having low vision. Traveling your church might pose an issue unless I found a driver. Any insight would be welcome. Merry Christmas!.

  2. We have a budget item to pay for cab rides to church, though most often we find a church member to provide transportation for others who want to come worship

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